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Jewelry Talk: TYPES OF RINGS


We love our finger rings and we can’t get enough of this type of jewelry to add to our jewelry box collection. There are many designs in women’s rings and this guide will explain the different styles available to make your jewelry ring shopping experience easier by explaining some of the types of rings that are available out there.


Luxury Band Ring in 925 Sterling Silver


People have been wearing finger rings like forever. They've even been found in ancient tombs of Mesopotamia in modern-day Iraq dating back to circa 2500 BC. Wearing rings became popular with the ever so stylish ancient Egyptians and we have been wearing them for a variety of reasons ever since then. 

Although most people wear rings to adorn themselves, a ring on your finger can sometimes mean more than decorating your hand. Rings have been associated with high status, authority, memberships in secret society or clubs and sororities, and also an achievement of some sort.

In Ancient Rome, signet rings were used as a signature. The rings were made to sport an insignia to represent a person’s identity, to be transferred in an impression in a wax seal, and was then used to seal letters or sign important documents.

In the Victorian era, rings were outfitted with a small compartment in which to conceal things like poison or drugs. In mythology, rings are often endowed with spiritual or supernatural significance. 

                                     Gold Letter Ring in 925 sterling silver

Gold Letter Ring in 925 sterling silver



Even in today's society, the jewelry ring can also signify wealth and social status. For some being able to buy and wear luxury designer brand jewelry is a goal or rather an accomplishment and says few things about their lives. It is definitely perceived as they might include that they are already wealthy, or are gold diggers or are making great money. Maybe they have inherited some money to throw around or want to be perceived as wealthy so they buy replica brand jewelry. Sometimes people buy high-end designer brand rings as a one-off piece for special events and occasions such as engagement rings, and wedding rings.

Suffice to say if you’re lucky enough to be able to afford high-end jewelry brands such as Cartier, Tiffany & Co, Chanel, Van Cleef & Arpels, and Bulgari even as a one-off, then you're doing ok.


Wearing rings also have important symbolic social functions and have been intertwined with human emotions and desires especially in relation to relationships such as friendships, engagement, and marriage.
In the early stages of an intimate relationship, a couple might exchange promise rings to show each other they care. Later on, the relationship might progress to the exchanging of engagement rings, and then ultimately wedding rings.

                             Domed Eternity Band Ring In 925 Sterling Silver With Cubic Zirconia

 Domed Eternity Band Ring In 925 Sterling Silver With Cubic Zirconia



The eternity ring style is a popular choice in exchanging commitment with one another. There are two main eternity ring designs that people usually pick from depending on their finances. Eternity rings can also be given on a wedding anniversary to represent the past, present, and future.

A half eternity ring has diamonds or gemstones stones around about half of the front of the band. The back section of the ring doesn’t contain any and is usually plain and devoid of any diamonds or gemstones. The band can either be uniform in width or it can be tapered towards the back. They are more affordable as they have fewer stones than a full eternity band as they don’t have any stones on the back of the band. This feature also makes it easier for jewelers to resize the ring if need be.

                               Eternity band ring in sterling silver
A full eternity ring is considered as the perfect eternity ring as the diamonds surround the entire outside band of the ring. This style is usually more expensive as the ring settings usually feature more diamonds or gemstones. The rings feature usually channel set stones. The benefit of a full eternity ring is every side of the ring is the same and the extra diamonds adds that extra touch of luxury and sparkle. Usually, eternity rings come in white gold but they can be sterling silver, gold, rose gold, or platinum, it all depends on one’s budget.

                                      eternity ring in sterling silver


The solitaire ring is a popular style of engagement ring. The solitaire setting usually features a single round brilliant-cut stone. You can also go for a center diamond set with smaller diamonds side stones on the shoulder of the ring or you can be a bit different and go with an emerald-cut stone engagement ring. It is really up to individual style and taste.

                                       solitaire engagement ring in sterling silver

The round halo ring style has also been consistently popular as an engagement ring choice for the last decade making it a timeless classic. Wedding rings tend to be plainer and are usually a plain band with minimal stone features. They usually sit under the engagement ring.


                                    round halo engagement ring in sterling silver


Fine fashion rings are made of precious metals and worn purely for no other reason than adornment and fashion. Rings add style to your outfit and create a statement of who you are. There are many designs to consider:

The statement ring is exaggerated and large, usually colorful and very eye-catching.
The cocktail ring is usually bigger than a standard ring and features a large central stone.
The cluster ring is also bigger than an average ring and it showcases a range of stones.
The stack ring is usually thin and fine. It is suggested to wear more than one ring and is designed to be worn on top of other rings.
The minimalist ring is similar to the stack ring, usually very fine and delicate in design.
The initial ring is a great piece of personalized jewelry, where you can state the initial of your name.
The mid finger ring or the midi ring is designed to be worn further up from the base of the finger between the first and second knuckle of the finger.   



Jewelry trends come and go but the wearing of rings has always been around in some way or another. Most importantly rings have come to be represented as a token of love and commitment in the form of friendship, promise, engagement, and wedding rings.

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