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Spring 2020 Jewelry Trends 

Eye-catching and grand are the buzz words used to describe jewelry selections this year. And the 2020 jewelry trends, according to Etsy and other style forecasters are here to assist you to be your most stylish self. There are tons of retro jewelry styles having a resurgence in popularity within the coming year.

In a handout shared with Elite Daily, Etsy revealed its spring jewelry trend breakdown to point out what customers are buying, and therefore the trends everywhere the board.

The early 2000s style is influencing fashion trends, with G-string pants and tracksuit pants dominating runways. So for your throwback jewelry, expect to ascertain the return of belly button rings, but with a 2020 makeover. For the foremost part, subtlety isn't what people are checking out in the least.

Even brooches grandmother's jewelry style have spiked in search popularity on the retailer. But if that’s not your style, there are more minimalistic, softer trends as well.

                                  Natural stone jewelry

                        Blue Natural Stone Gold Earrings in 925 Sterling Silver

Natural stone aka Semi-Precious Gemstones Jewelry
Hard stones don't seem to be a novel trend to rings, but 2020 has certainly remixed them as a brand new thanks to wearing colour splashed around runways. With lazuli, agate, quartz, and more, hard stones are an excellent natural stone jewelry trend that also feels polished and stylish

Multi-coloured jewelry with a mix of rainbow gemstones, mismatched stone cuts, and bright enamel colouring for a contemporary take on the classic jewelry staple.

The different types of natural gemstones and minerals are well known healing stones and hold great mystery and spirituality. Wearing semi-precious gemstone jewelry can promote healing and strength, calm and balance by finding and connecting with your inner power.

Some can be used as grounding stones, some can be used to get in contact with spiritual guides and get rid of negative energies and help ease emotional trauma.
Healing gems can also help with communicating with your spirit guides and depending on the good stone can promote balance and energizing your eye chakra or throat chakra.  

                              Evil Eye Necklace                           

Gold Evil Eye Necklace in 925 Sterling Silver

Evil Eye Jewelry
Maybe it is a sign of the times but evil eye jewelry has had almost a 70% increase in searches on Etsy compared to last year. A dainty evil eye necklace together with your other lucky jewelry may be a subtle new style within the personalized necklace trend.  lucky symbol of the evil eye, So why wear evil eye jewelry? Because wearing it is a protective amulet and talisman that will bring you luck and happiness.

Belly Button Rings
But with low-rise jeans and crop tops on the up and up, a touch stomach ornament is important. Current versions of belly button rings are more minimalistic and not as sparkly as their 2000s predecessors.

                                 Gold ear cuff earrings in 925 sterling silver

Gold ear cuff earrings in 925 sterling silver

Ear Cuffs
Ear Cuff Earrings requires no piercings and adds a little sparkle, whether worn alone or stacked. Constellation piercings are still an on-trend jewelry style. The style of filling up your ear with many piercings remains strong. Add a replacement dimension to your constellation without getting a new piercing is an ear cuff.  From thick hoops to thin, sparkling ones, and even subtler options, you'll adorn your entire ear for that uber styling.

     Large Gold Hoop Earrings

Large Gold Hopp Earrings

Large Gold Hoops and Other Earring Styles
According to the Zoe Report on the fashion runways, supersize large gold hoops popped up as well, with delicate chain details. Also '80s-style in the form of lion-head door-knockers at Balenciaga. See her report here:
Beaded earrings in every style, from shoulder dusters to small, heart-shaped studs to geometric statement pieces, all of them will bring an equivalent unique style to any outfit.

 Modern Eternity Rings in 925 Sterling silver with cubic zirconia

Modern Eternity Rings in 925 Sterling silver with cubic zirconia

Modern Vintage Rings
Classic ring styles are being re-invented for the Spring season. Jewelry designers are looking to the past for inspiration, with styles like early 19th-century gypsy rings, iconic eternity bands, and timeless signet rings.

Gypsy Rings
Gypsy rings have a remarkable history. They were originally designed with set-in stones to stop theft from Gypsies during the early 19th century. Now, they’re back but more modern in shape with the creativity of designers like Brent Neale. The retro trend is ideal either as an addition to your existing jewelry collection or as the simplest way to repurpose old family stones.

Signet Rings
Channel your inner prepster with a seal ring this season. Whether you decide for your monogram, an etched image, or an enamel design, the flat-topped classic is a timeless jewelry trend that’s returning with fervour.

Statement Rings
Whether by colour, shape, or style, the eye-catching ring will have a lasting impact this Spring. Whether you’re headed to a social occasion or want an extra-special accessory for your jeans-and-t-shirt look, try adding a large statement ring to your ring stack this coming Spring.

Geometric Round Gold Ring in 925 Sterling Silver

Geometric Round Gold Ring in 925 Sterling Silver

Grand-Millennial Jewelry
Ask your grandmother if she has any jewelry she doesn’t wear anymore. Etsy titled this new trend the "grand-millennial trend" after the increase of “granny chic” style. Brooches are the foremost popular piece of jewellery from this trend, but clip-on earrings, glasses chains, and lockets have risen in popularity, too. 

Enamel Jewelry
As great as gold and silver jewelry is, your jewelry box could also be looking a touch dull. Spring 2020 is time for colour, so escape of the norm with a fresh, new, colourful piece of enamel jewelry. This trend adds pops of color to any outfit, and enamel rings are sure to be popular immediately .inspired style, while the brilliant colors will stand out with any outfit.

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