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Infinity is the idea of something that is unlimited, endless, eternal. The word itself originated from the Latin word 'infinitas' which means without bound. 

The infinity symbol is a mathematical representation of eternity. Spiritually the symbol embodies love, beauty, and power. It reminds us to be conscious of where we are and the endless possibilities we have before us. It is also known as the figure eight symbol or Lucky 8 in different cultures and it is deemed as a lucky charm, and has the power to harness positive energy and lift your mood.

The awareness of endlessness, what it is, and how it can be harnessed has occupied a great many minds. Philosophers, mathematicians, spiritual teachings and everyone who has looked up to the sky and wondered about the vastness of the universe has fallen under its spell.

All who have contributed to the evolution of understanding infinity with its simple yet deep meaning to many cultures and fields of thought. It is also everchanging like its name and can and cannot be easily defined.


The universal symbol of infinity represents concepts such as eternity, endlessness and limitlessness has been around since the dawn of civilisation. It represents many ideas and holds great meaning in all countries, cultures and religions in one form or another with different yet similar meanings and beliefs. 

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Infinity jewelry has grown in popularity over the last decade and has become a popular aesthetic staple with fashion and jewelry designers. Fashion trends reflect what is happening culturally in society.

We humans love meaning in our lives and as we are social creatures, we love to show each other how much we care and love one another by giving each other meaningful gifts.. Wearing or giving infinity jewelry as gifts are a great way to show your connection and love for yourself as well as others. 

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The Western infinity symbol is shaped as a sideways figure-eight. Also known as Lucky 8 in different cultures, and deemed as a lucky charm. It is also seen as good luck to wear figure eight jewelry, known to have the power to harness positive limitless energy and lift your mood. 


The Ouroboros symbol which is that of a snake or dragon twisted into a horizontal figure 8 devouring its own tail is an ancient variation of infinity. It represents the universal truth of every ending has a new beginning and every beginning needs an ending in order to begin again. And so life goes on. Other designs of infinity include the celtic knot, infinity cross, amongst many others.


The infinity heart jewelry represents an endless or infinite love. This would make a great jewelry gift idea to show someone special your close bond and endless love for one another.

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Infinity and evil eye jewelry combine two powerful symbols that produce everlasting protection from negative energy while harnessing positive bountiful strength and courage. 


Spiritually the symbol embodies love, beauty, and power. It reminds us to be conscious of where we are and the endless possibilities we have before us. The cross of course represents Jesus in Christianity, so with the infinity symbol intertwined represents the eternal life Jesus gifted to us because his love for us is everlasting.

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Types of infinity symbols

1) The mathematical- lnifinity is a mathematical symbol that represents an infinitely large number, however it is not an actual number but a infinitely large quality. The infinity symbol is written with the Lemniscate ribbon symbol.  It represents an infinitely positive big number, however is not an actual or specific number, but an infinitely large quantity.

2) The physical- Physicists are apparently sick of infinity's behavior and they want to get rid of it as it stuffs up their theories and experiments.They finding it hard to predict things if infinity is included in the equation because things never have an end.

3) The metaphysical- the spritual meaning of infinity is a beautiful thing. It represents renewal, continuation and everlasting love for ourselves, one another and the universe.Spiritually the symbol embodies love, beauty, and power. It reminds us to be conscious of where we are and the endless possibilities we have before us. As it also represents that eternity is a great gift. Everyday is a chance to start again.


The earliest evidence known to have written about the concept of infinity was the Greek mathematician Archimedes, about more than 2300 years ago. About 700 years later the parchment paper he used to write his priceless theories was used by some monk. He had painted over his writings with religious text and were only rediscovered in 2009. Read more in the link below. Up until then Galileo was accredited to be the first scientist to think of it. But as we all know many minds in all cultures were working on understandng the infinity concept and how to use it.


infinity symbol

The Modern Infinity Symbol is also known as the Lemniscate Symbol

Mathematician John Wallis introduced the infinity symbol to Western civilization and made it mainstream in 1655. This symbol is sometimes called the Lemniscate (ribbon).
The horizontal eight symbol is thought to have evolved a little bit from the Etruscan numeral for 1000 which looked like 2 letter Cs facing each other with an “I” in the middle (CIƆ). Some say it was derived from omega (ω), the last letter of the Greek alphabet.
Or maybe it came from the Ouroboros snake symbol of an earlier time. It is hard to pin point who came up with it first. All Ancient cultures have had variations of the never ending, never begining shape of the infinty symbol. Who really knows?


The Ouroborous Snake Symbol was an ancient infinity symbol



Like it's name Infinity will forever have a place in the universal human existence. Though it can mean endless repeating numbers that can never be counted, it can also mean more than that to the human psyche.The spiritual emotional feeling that it represents, endless love, energy of the universe and lots of other beautiful things that makes the infinity symbol special.





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